Sunday, December 26, 2010

364 Shopping Days Left!

I have done a terrible job keeping this blog up to date. Terrible!! I had a bunch of projects that I did during the month of December and I hope to post them over the next few days along with photos of our wonderful holiday season.
We are just wrapping up Christmas. The tree will be up for a few more days, maybe until the New Year but it's dropping needles like crazy and I think I have already filled a whole vacuum bag with them. The house lights will stay up until we get a break in the weather and can go out to remove them without getting soaked in the rain. And even though Christmas is officially over we woke up this morning and watched Christmas Vacation but honestly I could watch that movie any month of the year. Regan is also a fan and she will sit through the entire movie, which is unheard of.
I have been busy sewing and appliqueing gifts and commissioned projects. It's been a lot of fun but exhausting work. I try to only sew once Regan has gone to bed so I end up sewing until the wee hours of the morning and wake up exhausted. I took on a few too many projects and while I got them done in plenty of time I paid for it dearly with an aching back and a nervous tick. Just kidding about the tick.
Hopefully I will be all caught up on my posts so I can start fresh at the New Year with a resolution to try to post something, anything, everyday.