The Beez Kneez Store

I'm still trying to figure out the easiest way to put all my crafty crap that I have for sale on here. It's all on my Facebook page which I find the easiest way because I can upload a bunch of items at one time. I do have a store on there but it's so time consuming to add items and I haven't sold a single item through the store I kind of gave up on it. Pretty much the only way I have sold any of my crafty crap is by people contacting me with what they want through my Facebook page. I hope to change that soon...

I may be featured on very soon. It's like a crafty Groupon. It's still in the works and not set in stone yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Until I figure out how to move stuff or link stuff, please hop on over and "like"  The Beez Kneez on Facebook and see what I have available.