Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I just returned home from a 4 night trip to Las Vegas with my beautiful little sister and four of her good friend for her bachlorette party. It was a fabulous vacation and we made such wonderful memories. For three of us it was our first time leaving our babies for so long and by day three we had a good crying session together because we missed our families so much. The one single girl in the group must have thought we were crazy but she ended up crying right along with us. But now we are home and back to reality.
Todd and Regan spent those 4 days visiting family in Oregon so Regan was so busy she barely noticed I wasn't there. I did get to Skype with her one day which was fun but she spent most of the conversation showing me how she jumps on the couch. Thanks daddy for teaching bad habits.
Most of the trip I felt like a celebrity. My sister's good friend has a lot of great connections in Vegas and managed to get us VIP at various clubs every night. It was so much fun getting to bypass lines and then get our own table with free drinks. I'm not a big drinker at all so I only had a few drinks the entire time but it was fun regardless.
One of our nights we were treated to a complimentary dinner at a 4 star restaurant. The food was amazing and the champagne was even better. We had to have drank a full 5 bottles between the 6 of us. I was totally out of my element but had a great time. I have to say that Vegas has to be one of the most vain cities though.

On Saturday we were treated to a daybed at Nikki Beach. I was seriously the only girl there in a swim dress and I felt so uncomfortable. It ended up being a lot of fun but very foreign to me.

These guys thought they were from the Jersey Shore. I didn't ask for my picture with them. I didn't want my picture with them. But my sister insisted.

My little sister is the one on the end in black and white. Isn't she just adorable.

A few photos that were taken by companies promoting the nightclubs.

I seriously look like I was not wearing any makeup. Blah!