Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kitty Party Attire

Today I embroidered a "Hello Kitty" tshirt for a little girl who is suppose to be the same age as my daughter. She is celebrating her 2nd birthday this weekend and is having a Kitty party. Little Alessandra was born premature and spent the first few months of her life in the NICU. Now she is a thriving toddler. To give you an idea how early she was... Regan doesn't turn 2 until MAY!
This was a really fun shirt to make. It's so stinkin cute. Regan loves to watch my embroidery machine go to work but it's a constant battle to keep her from pushing the button and not get her little hands too close. This is why nearly all of my crafting and sewing is done late in the evening. The name looks crooked in the photo but it's really not. Just some wrinkles after wetting and drying it to get rid of the marks I put on it to line everything up.

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  1. How cute! That's an amazing personalized gift. I would love an embroidery machine! I had to craft at night when my daughter was little too. It gets better as they get older so you can craft during the day, but you get busier running here and there with them so there's not as much time.