Thursday, July 28, 2011

We enrolled Regan is swim lessons this Summer after a very scary incident while vactioning at Disneylad in April. While we were all soothing our achy muscles in the hot tub at the hotel after walking all day at Disney Regan made a mad dash for the pool and jumped in. There was no one else in the pool. Luckily in the blink of an eye one of our friends was out of the hot tub and into the pool after her. I'm not sure she even had time to go under water before he grabbed her. It was then that we knew that she must learn to swim ASAP because my child has no fear.
June 1st she started swim lessons 4 days a week with the local swim team and she is absolutely addicted to it. Many days she asks to go swimming the moment she wakes up in the morning. Earlier this month a professional photographer came out an took their individual and team photos. Regan was in a mood that day and refused to smile. Of course! It's very cute because all of the other kids in her group adore her because she is so much younger than them. The coaches refer to her as the team mascot because she just sticks out from the rest.
She has learned a lot over the past 2 months. She still can't swim without a noodle or some kind of floaty but she hold her breath underwater, she kicks her legs to swim, and she knows how to get out of the pool without a ladder, which is really important. Lessons end August 30th and I don't know how she is going to take it. We may have to get a membership to the gym so she can still go swimming everyday.

Regan and the rest of the Junior swim team along with her coach Ari.

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